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How to use transferly?

What kind of data can I send/request securely and confidentially?

Does the recipient have to register?

How does sending data work?

How does requesting data work?

What kind of data can I send via transferly?

I have lost my secret transfer link. Can I recover it?

Up- or Download is not working due to a network issue


Is transferly secure?

How secure and trustworthy is tranferly.swiss?

What makes transfery.swiss more secure than other providers?

How secure is it to send or request data via transferly?

What is end-to-end encryption?

What is extended access protection?

How long is my encrypted data stored at transferly?

What does "unverified sender" mean?

Can the secret link be guessed?


How will I be invoiced?

What’s your pricing model?

What payment methods do you accept?

What currency do you charge in?

Is the VAT included in the price?

Are there cancellation charges?

What is my subscription period?

Credit card doesn’t work? What now?

Can you send me an invoice?


What happens to my data?

What data does transferly store about me and my transfers?

What does transferly do with my data?

Will my transfer data be sent abroad?

What does transferly do to guarantee applicable law or its terms of use?


What is it, with the Swissness?

What are Swiss values?

What does Swiss Made Software & Hosting mean?

Who is behind transferly?

What does transferly cost?

Why is transferly free for private use?


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