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What kind of data can I securely and confidentially send or request?

Does the recipient need to register?

How does sending data work?

How does requesting data work?

What kind of data am I allowed to send through transferly.swiss?

I lost my secret transfer link. Can I recover it?


How secure and trustworthy is transferly.swiss?

How secure is sending or requesting data through transferly.swiss?

What is end-to-end encryption?

What is extended access protection?

How long are my encrypted data stored at transferly.swiss?

What does "unverified sender" mean?

Can the secret link be guessed?

Privacy & Law

What data does transferly.swiss store about me and my transfers?

What does transferly.swiss do with my data?

Do my transfer data go abroad?

Values & Vision

What does transferly.swiss stand for?

What does Swiss Made Software & Hosting mean?

Who is behind transferly.swiss?

How much does transferly.swiss cost?

Why is transferly.swiss free for private use?