What is transferly? is a swiss made, safe and secure file transfer service. Being committed to simplicity it allows transferring documents, messages, or secrets across the internet within seconds right from your browser. Its cutting-edge technology enforces the highest possible level of security with encryption in the browser and by doing so, strongly respects your privacy.

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Purely Swiss by design

Our vision was to develop a data transfer solution based on the zero-trust principle. The confidentiality and security of data transfers are automatically guaranteed by the security architecture. Therefore users can entrust their data to the provider without any worries.

Inspired by the typical Swiss virtues of ethics, precision, discretion, and security, and driven by our vision, we strive to create a solution that would match Swiss characteristics in every way.

Since we consider the right to privacy and security a fundamental right of every individual, our security technology for private use shall be available to everyone free of charge.

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Our Core values

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You have full control of who accesses your transfers. With transferly, each transfer is individually secured with true end-to-end encryption (AES-256). Limit access by email, and phone number, or even restrict access by MFA for very confidential content.



Transferly is a privacy-first file-sharing platform that puts your privacy above everything else. Your data will always be bound to the strong Swiss data law and can only be accessed by the people you share it with. Even transferly cannot read your data.



You decide how long each transfer will be available. After expiration, we delete your transfer and its data. All your data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland and stored in state-of-the-art and ISO 27001-certified Swiss data centers protected by Swiss data law.



Committed to simplicity we designed, engineered, and developed a very lean process to send and request small or large files, messages, or secrets without any additional app across every platform or device within seconds and a few mouse clicks.

Swiss made softwareSwiss hosting is engineered, designed, and developed by Digio AG in Zurich, Switzerland

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